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Hiring Inexperienced Drivers: What Could Happen

Apr 26

It is best to look elsewhere if this is the situation. A lot of companies have drivers who drive trucks. One of the most frequent concerns Los Angeles trucking firms get from their customers is whether or not they're capable of driving on the interstate using a commercial driver's license when they are under 21.


Companies that transport trucks employ inexperienced drivers

A lot of companies are willing to recruit drivers with no previous experience due to a shortage of drivers. The trucking company is hoping that the new employee will make a great match, will work well with them, do minimal damage, and fill in a vacant.

Trucking businesses that hire drivers who aren't experienced are at risk of putting their clients and themselves at unnecessary risk. It is crucial to think about the cost for training and keeping the driver's skills and the potential for negligence-related lawsuits against hiring companies if the driver gets involved in an accident that results in serious injuries when driving for your business.


In ideal situations, the attorney for the Plaintiff would like to see

Sometimes, the lawyers representing plaintiffs are more knowledgeable than the typical trucking company regarding the recruitment of drivers.

Trucking companies may be held accountable for negligent hiring if an attorney is able to convince a jury that the trucking company employed unqualified drivers or that federal forms were not correctly completed.

In certain instances, the insurance companies may or not be able to cover punitive damages. Insurance companies cannot cover punitive damages across states.

Los Angeles trucking company is responsible for any damage to their vehicles. Employ only certified drivers, especially if they're not experienced and have been cited or involved in an accident. This could jeopardize the future of your business.


There are a few aspects to consider when you are hiring an employee who is new to the job.

Why would you employ a CDL driver who hasn't been working for two years? There are a few things to think about when selecting the right driver.

  • Are they experienced veterans, farmers, or mechanics with a solid track record of work?

  • Is the driver's MVR clean?

  • How long does the driver of the truck been operating?

  • Are the FMCSA rules being adhered to by the driver?

  • A certified driver trainer is in place to oversee the company's driver education program.

  • Do drivers have to be operating in a specific region? Is there a city of major importance that the driver will be visiting?

  • Are you able to prove an extensive history and a low loss rate and an up-to-date driver list with experienced and skilled drivers?

If you are unsure, consult your risk consultant. It's wiser to take preventative measures rather than canceling the offer or expose your business to risk in the future.


Whatever your choice make sure you have uniform policies to hire drivers.

Set up uniform hiring policies that apply to every department. This is a great method to safeguard your business from negligence-related lawsuits involving hiring.

Policies should clearly define the disqualifiers, and they should not be altered according to the number of applicants. Employees and prospective employees must be aware of these guidelines. These guidelines can be made public to assist in holding recruiters accountable for the qualities of the candidates they recruit.

It's not going to be easy to locate safe, skilled, and trustworthy truck drivers in the near future. Concentrate on training and hiring the most skilled truck drivers for your business.

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